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Business Trademark Consultations

As an attorney and an entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges involved in starting and growing a business in today’s complex technological environment. I understand what it’s like to build a brand from scratch because I’ve had to do it too. I know the value and importance of protecting one of your business’ most valuable assets through trademark registration.


Without trademark registration, you do not legally own the rights to the name of your business or any of your brand assets, including your logo or any slogans associated with your brand. Anyone can use your brand "assets" without your permission. I use my proprietary six-phase trademark process to hold your hand step-by-step throughout the entire trademark registration process. Once your trademark is officially registered, the mark is legally yours and you have the right to stop anyone from using your mark without your consent.


I am a graduate of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and a member of the NYC Bar Association. I’ve given talks at the NYC Bar Association, American Express, The Binghamton University Alumni Marketing Collective, and The Binghamton University Pre-Law Society. I’ve made it my mission to empower and inspire entrepreneurs by arming them with the legal tools they need for optimal brand and business protection.