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Take a moment to view this brief introduction by our principal Attorney, Mark R. Basile, Esq., Professor of Law & Entrepreneurship at Touro Law Center in New York,

before getting started.

Our experienced entrepreneurial attorneys share with you helpful business tips applicable to start-ups as well as more established companies, whether you are first deciding on a business structure, how to find and leverage affiliate relationships, what type of professional services bests suits your needs, how to raise capital, hire personnel, secure engineering, manufacturing and distribution and our version of best practices.


The information contained in these videos is not legal advice. It is not intended to provide you with legal analysis or counseling, nor is an attorney-client relationship established with our firm through this. However, if you have questions, please feel free to call us for a FREE 10-MINUTE CONSULTATION! If you'd like to book a specific consultation slot, VISIT OUR BOOKING PAGE.

Below, you will find a series of free 1-minute video tips that help address many of the above questions.


If you have further questions, you can always reach us at or simply call us at

(516) 455-1500 to speak to an entrepreneurial attorney for more answers.