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Transactional Services

Legal transactions are an inevitable part of every business, whether it be contracts with distributors or manufacturers, employment agreements, finance documents or a merger or acquisition.

Our firm provides businesses with legal transactional services on an independent basis, but will also work with each company to establish a set fee for recurring services. 

Financing & Private Placements

Financing can be vital to the continuance and growth of a business at any stage of development, making corporate finance contracts possibly the most important and daunting agreements entered into by Entrepreneur's and business owners. The Basile Law Firm PC will assist in finding early-stage and follow on venture financing, and prepare documents to ensure a risk adverse transaction. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm advises companies as they find new target acquisitions or opportunities to merge, to negotiate deal terms, chose the most favorable structure for the merger or acquisition, solve intricate problems that arise from due diligence, and efficiently bring the transactions to a close.

Our firm drafts, negotiates and reviews contracts with an eye for your company's rights and obligations, and helps your company avoid and mitigate risks that could harm your business. 

  • Intellectual Property Licensing​​

  • Technology and Security

  • Product Distribution

  • Product Development Engineering

  • Social Media Planning

  • Equipment Lease/Purchase

  • other commercial contracts

  • Software/technology agreements (outbound, inbound/vendor, development, outsourcing)

  • Biotech/Pharma agreements (contract R&D, clinical trial, product commercialization, manufacturing, licensing)

  • Professional services agreements

  • Development/outsourcing agreements

  • Manufacturing Agreements

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