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About Our Firm

Experience that Makes a Difference

The beginnings of the firm started in 1968 by Rene L. Basile, Esq., a trusted and sought-after Corporate Tax Attorney to a major global telecommunications company (International Telephone & Telegraph, Inc.) as well as the largest public accounting firm in the world (Arthur Andersen LLP). Mr. Basile's focus was on tax implications and effects on business operations and transactions at the local, state, federal and international levels. 


Today, our firm provides litigation and restructuring services and counsel to public companies on the OTC Markets, NASDAQ, and the NYSE. Our firms' services include representing private and public companies in complex financial and securities litigation in federal and state courts around the country as well providing transactional services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, employment, compliance, and vendor contracting.

In continuing the commitment to focus on business law and related matters, this firm maintains the belief that an attorney should be a key business advisor, as well as a legal technician.


Our attorneys include former senior federal and state prosecutors, federal judges law clerks and executives at public companies and are dedicated provide a business-focused and practical approach to problem solving. We use our considerable experiences to provide our clients with proactive legal services, helping to avoid problems before they arise and taking care of them when they do.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

The Basile Law Firm P.C. is a national boutique securities litigation and business restructuring law firm offering a range of legal representation and targeted advisory services to public companies. Some of our attorneys have started numerous companies, raised millions of dollars, and have taken their companies public in various markets including social media, technology, healthcare, and security. Our attorneys are also seasoned litigators. Just like we did in our businesses, it is our goal to help clients that are suffering through a series of unfortunate funding deals and blown out capitalization structures to litigate, settle, or restructure their debt and adjust their cap tables to help them in becoming successful local, national, and international companies. As business owners ourselves, we have stood in our clients' shoes. Our own business experiences provide a broad range of business and financial experience to help our clients overcome today's obstacles to meet tomorrow's goals.

Our firm offers you big firm experience on a personal level.

Business Conference

Our team of attorneys are distinguishable in several ways:

  • Litigation Experience. We are particularly experienced in litigating against aggressive and unyielding predatory lenders and creditors including convertible note holders, merchant funders, equity line investors, 3(a)(10) debt purchasers and Securities Act violators.

  • Advocacy. We only represent one side, the victims of bad funding deals and targeted lawsuits.

  • Experience. The Firm is led by Mark R. Basile who has over 34 years of experience as a business restructuring attorney and litigator, representing individual entrepreneurs, small private business and public companies. Mr. Basile also teaches law at The Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center on Long Island and is known as one of the nation's leading attorneys in the area of state usury law.

  • Efficiency. Whether our client is a Fortune 100 company or an individual business owner, we try to develop a trusting relationship and strive to really understand their problems and the experiences they have suffered. We use cutting-edge technology and our own experience to cut through our clients’ problems as efficiently as possible.

  • Communication and Personal Service. As a small boutique law firm, we pride ourselves on keeping direct lines of communication open between our clients and the professionals they work with. Our attorneys take their own calls and return their own e-mails.

  • Strategy. We are always thinking about a long-term strategy for our clients, even when we handle immediate concerns.

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